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Video game, Prop Answered

Hey every body I was just looking for a new project to start working on,  and then it came to me I would leave it up to the internet. well what I want from y'all is just give me some ideas on what kind of props from video games or movies y'all would like to see. 



How about a clone trooper helmet?

How about movie guns, like the big shiny stuff from the MIB films?

yeah I wanted to make the noisy cricket but I didn't think that it would get many views.

It depends on the quality of the build & write-up, plus whether you get it picked up by popular blogs.

yeah I guess so I have been trying to get my blog off the ground for some time now, not to much progress though.

There's also timing - now is a good time to publish, because folk will be looking for Hallowe'en costume props.