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Making a video game Answered

I am attempting to make a video game (I wonder how many people have said that before). I am not a very good idea person, but I may have something. I could make an open world marble platformer. I don't think thats been done before. However, I am not a programmer, I know my way around BGEs logic bricks very well but I don't know python. If anyone knows python or has any other ideas please post. Also tell me what you think of my idea. If anyone wants to write scripts for me pm me. (I cant pay as I have no budget, but I will credit you and I will contact you for my next project, which I will pay for.)



Try gamesalad

Hey Guys according to that topic i think that for making the vedio game you must have the information about Java and also 2D or 3D animation.For knowing about how to making the vedio games you must visit that url:


Getting started is the hardest part but once it has been started, the balls just keep on rolling smoothly. Goodluck on your game.

it has been done before

You can put me in the list of people who once said they are attempting to make a videogame! Ideas I have plenty but whenever I get enough free time to start making something life throws me a curve ball and the project gets abandoned all too soon.

I've found that the Unity3D engine is a nice place to start. It accepts several programming inputs and has allot of things already built in (you can have a 1st person interface up and running within the first 10minutes) and best of all it is free (assuming you dont make 250k in sales per year or something). There also are plenty of tutorials, websites and books to make whatever kind of game you want in Unity (I assume for other platforms as well but this is the one I know of).

As for your idea.. I dont really understand what you mean by an open world marble platformer. Something like Super Monkey Ball meets Skyrim?

What i mean is something kind of like the new need for speed. You go to a specific area of the world and press a button, then you can go through the level and save the score.