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Video game themed projects Answered

I absolutely LOVE mario, pac man, and katamari! So here are a few pics of things I have made for myself and others. I also wanted to know what you guys have made in relation to video game characters!! It seems like everyone is so talented on here and I am just curious !


pac man blanket 72 X 60 all made from fleece
pac man beanie for my friend
pac man "potholder" lol. in reality it would freakin burn your hand!
crocheted katamari (please note that the pattern for this guy came from anapaulaoli)
katamari pouch
knitted tam with mario from his paper mario days
mario in a boot that was cross stitched
knitted beanie with my favorite character, shyguy =)
and a little felt katamari pin


. That is so ... weird. You'll fit in at Ibles just fine. ;)

thanks?? lol I actually have so many more video game themed projects, but I didn't want to come off as weird... guess i over did it anyway!! x_X

Welcome to Instructables, the Facebook for people like us! (read: self proclaimed nerds, and I'm one of em'! )

. heehee Around here, weird is good (or at least common). Welcome to the club.

You should publish these as a slideshow.