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Video in the ads is killing my bandwidth! Answered

I know instructables pays the bills with targeted ads. That's cool, and useful. No problems there.
The problem is putting a 5 minute video in the ads. That gets downloaded when I look at an Instructable.

I'm on a satellite link, and my bandwidth costs me quite a bit. If I'm going to have to pay to download a video to look at an Instructable, I either won't look at it, or I'll install ad blocking software. If I want to look at videos I'll go to Vimeo, or YouTube. 

Don't let poor choice in ads drive away the users.


I really, really hate the pop up video with audio ads that make me jump and poop. I'll send a cleanup bill to the company; what's the address?
:) In general though, these ads are too intense.

As Michel said, I'bles does not have the freedom to choose the advertisements. They have contracts with ad servers (like Google). About the only thing they can do, under their contract, is specify the "types" of ads (and for example, get porn ads removed permanently).

Ad blockers are a definite choice for you; that will take away marginally from I'bles revenue (since you won't be counted among the eyeballs). If you want to help support the site, you can purchase a paid ("pro") membership, at which point all of the ads go away.

Well I would suggest an adblocker anyway because other sites have this problem to. I don't think Instructables can choose which ads they get so ,no help there. Another option ofcourse is going pro :) No ads anywhere, no spamming of becoming pro.. it doesn't cost much and you'll get the money back quickly from spared bandwith :)