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Video inspiration for Monday Answered

A sweet bike video to remind you to keep on trying and failing before it all clicks and something good happens.


This has been getting lots of traction on the web. How to do it? Continual practice and the ability to put fear aside or simply stare it down. He's probably spent hundreds of hours practicing as compared to 5 minutes on video.

and he probly killed himself like a hundred times

I used to work with Tony Hawk's brother, Steve Hawk, who is 10 years older than Tony. It was his job to go and pick his little brother up from the skate park before dinner. Tony would work at a trick over and over again until he got. I'm sure his body has taken a toll from all that trial and error. I have an issue with error side of things when it comes to flipping oneself in the air. I'm surprised these guys don't break their necks and I'm also surprised more people don't drown surfing Maverick's.

Malcolm Gladwell's recent book Outliers was a fun read. Basically you need to spend 10,000 hours doing something, probably something your passionate about.

I wonder how many holes he has in him? L

dang!!! this guy is super awsomly good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...i wonder how many innertubes he goes through a year?

And I thought I was good at Biking....

:O did he just do a backflip off a tree?!?!

how does one learn how to do that?

That tree backflip is insane. Sweet vid.


9 years ago

That's awesome! (Plus great music. Go Band of Horses!)