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Videos for Working with Cement? Answered

Hi everyone! This is my first post, and I'm putting my request out there for the Instructables community in the hope that someone might be able to help.

I'm one of those people who has great difficulty learning practical skills through reading, but (thankfully) catch on very quickly visually.

To that end, I've looked for (but failed to locate so far) any VIDEO-based resources for working with cement - demonstrations of basic practical skills such as mixing, building forms, pouring, screeding, finishing - essentially anything directly related to the actual cement working process.

Getting REALLY idealistic here, I'm especially interested in anything to do with ferro-cement (thin-shelled cement) work.

So, does anyone know where to find such videos? Even if the resources in question are not on-line, names, titles, etc so i could order them from the library/purchase would be much appreciated.

Much gratitude in advance for whatever assistance anyone is able to throw this way, and thanks for reading! :o)


not sure if its still on line, but Expert Village does requests if they dont already have what you want.

Google "expert village"


seems they relocated and has a new name

let us know if it works for you

BTY, I was looking at ferro-cement for vandal proof mailboxes and researched it, my dad was a brick layer.

come back to me, if you have a question.

Up in Auckland, NZ, (I am in Wellington) I can buy bags of special compounded ferro-cement mixture, by the pallet load if I got the cash, there is a small ferro-cement yacht building industry there.

You should start off with such supplies, then later when experimented, you can begin modifying the mixture. If you use a cement mixer, I know a simple modification that will help. Try buying a bag from a local ferro cement user, if you can find one close. (I know line haul truck drivers whom will bring a bag or two back from Auckland for me)

And there is also a system using sand, with 2-pot resins for floors in hygiene areas, like the cannery I worked in.