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View Raters feature? Answered

Am I the only one that can do this?  Have any of you guys noticed this?


I got this today, I don't have any haters though, fortunately !

 lucky you!  :P
K'nexers seem to get random haters all the time, even if they never do anything wrong..


How ironic that you should post this comment...

They still get it even if they don't make stuff that sucks.

I wonder how long it will take for someone to make a "name 'n' shame" forum topic.

 lol, we should all gather our haters and all hate on the most hated haters together!
Wow that sounded confusing... :P

This just gets funnier and funnier ;)

 I made one where I posted every rating anyone has rated my gun

Great! Now I can finally figure out who was attacking my ratings years ago back when I had like 4 ibles on the front page.

Check out my thread. I had the biggest lols looking through all my ratings. You might have fun doing it too. Now people will have to find the balls to rate things low. I guess we'll see a huge explosion in 5* ratings suddenly.

 Ahahah!  I'm going to start one too.


8 years ago

i noticed this too!

yup, thanks for my 3000th comment!!!

I'd love to see it, but it never appeared yet.

Maybe it's something for pro-users?

I found this last night, too! Of course, I didn't have enough time to view my raters, so I still don't know who my haters are. :-(

Well I looked and found who my haters are... They are people I wouldn't have thought of really.. But I really don't care since I don't do much on here anymore.

I can see it on all my ibles.. I also found a lot of my haters. Almost all KI people.. Just sayin'.

It seems to be coming and going.  I was able to see it after I reloaded one of my Instructables from November 2009, but just a minute or two later, I could not see it on another I'ble.  Huh!  I rechecked, and now it's back.  Interesting, they store the rating values as integers, and do the conversion from and to "2.5", "3.5", etc.

Makes sense if you're storing millions of ratings... in mysql a float is 4 bytes and a tinyint  is 1 byte. Thought that would only save 3 megabytes per million ratings....

It would not only save space (megabytes), it would also dramatically reduce the computation time requirements.  All the summations and multiplications become integer arithmetic, with a single float operation at the end to get an average.

I want to see one!

I saw that in one of my groups, but then I went to another page, and when I came back, it was gone.  Weird.


8 years ago

 Sometimes I dont see the rating stars at all!

The view raters was available for me for a few minutes just a second ago. I now know who my haters are.

Sometimes I have it, sometimes I don't. :s

I just noticed that the ratings of most of my ibles jumped up slightly after this topic was posted... Teehee...

I see it. But only on projects I've posted since 16th March. My last one before that was 24th Feb but I can't see data for it.

 Oh, yeah this is really wierd.

What I'd REALLY like to see is how many referals I've had from each site. PLEASE instructables? k thx bai

 You can, just click stats above the rating, right beside subscribers and info.

That shows where it was linked from. I want to see how many visits I've had from those referrers.


8 years ago

obviously its pro

.  I don't see it.
.  Wild guesses:
One of the programmers was trying something out and it accidentally went live.
Possible new feature in development that programmers wanted to look at live.
MotaBoi is pretty good with PhotoShop, heehee

I'd guess the first one because I got that option, but it suddenly disappeared later on.

I'm not getting this message.

I don't see it on my projects, I don't see it on other people's projects.

However, I do see that it would be a good idea for that data to be publicly visible, given the sudden encouragement from several fronts to kick-start the use of the ratings feature.

I don't have this option.

Ok so I did find this option, but it only happened once on my AR-4 v3 ible.  However, it did not show up on any other of my ibles and when I went back to the AR-4v3 that option disappeared.