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Viewing all steps by default? Answered

Is there a way to set my preferences so that I can automatically go to the "all steps" view? I never view projects in the one step per page layout, and I'm tired of having to reload the page to get to the view I want, especially when I'm viewing several instructables at a time.


Woot! 10 minutes of coding!

Here's thenew version.

Bang away at it and see if there's still a problem. It now checks for the "id" tag and the "DISCUSS" text.


&& (thisLink.href.indexOf("?size") == -1)

to the if statement will fix that.

Add it to the if statement. See how there's two parentheses at the end of the if statement? Add it in between those two. (it would work anywhere within the if statement, but that spot is easy to explain.)

Instructables is going kinda slow for me right now and I'm having some weird stuff happen when I'm testing this change, so let me know if it works correctly for you.

(If i'm viewing an RSS feed of Instructables and I click the link to go to the full article it doesn't work.

One thing I changed though, is to set the included pages to "https://www.instructables.com/*" so it'll work on links on user pages as well. But if you do this, you should change it so it tests for "#" rather than "DISCUSS". Otherwise it'll screw up the links to a specific comment, like in the comment tracker.

Whoops. thought I'd changed the included pages. You have what I meant to do. Didn't know that about the specific comment links. Thanks.

All right. The code has been updated. Let me know if there's anything else. When this is solid we should put it up as an instructable.

one other thing I've been trying to fix is that with the constantly rotating links to various featured projects under the "explore" heading on the "You" homepage (and some other places), this will only work with the first batch of links. I've been trying to mess with the setInterval() function to fix this so it constantly updates the allLinks variable, but I can't figure out where to put it.

Wow... I never click on those. Well, see if you can find some way to fix it. Good luck.

I use Opera, and I thought maybe there was a way to do this in it.

How To Use Greasemonkey Scripts In Opera

Turns out you can, and you don't even need GM in the first place. Also it's very easy to do. One step really.

Contemplating if I should make it into an Instructable. Seems more like plaigurism though (it is only one step).

Well, we can make one instructable to cover both. So in Opera you can use the same script and just plop it in there? That's it? I can start writing something up on Friday or so. I'll make it a collaboration.

Opera. It has built in mail, RSS, widgets, IRC chat, tons o crap.

Can you create a modified RSS feed that auto adds the "?ALLSTEPS"?

I started an instructable with you guys on as collaborators. It's super bare bones right now.

Sweet. Thanks. I already have some crap written up unpublished, so i'll be adding it in right after I finish an invoice and crap for this tard who bought these cheap lego trading cards off eBay from me. xD

You can if you have Firefox.

Get Greasemonkey andclick here.

Thanks to zachninme for making it. Original discussionhere.

I <3 firefox. Though it would be nice if this was implemented as an integrated feature of the site

Now I've got something I want to change in the script.

It currently applies "?ALLSTEPS" to any link on the explore page, specifically the links to user pages and comments. This is mostly superficial, but its does screw up the comments link (it'll take you to the instructable, but it won't go to the comments.)

What would I need to change to filter out these links?
I believe its this if statement that needs to be changed:

if (thisLink.href.match(/\?/i))

*sigh* I know just enough Java to find the problem, but not enough to fix it. :-(

Looks like you'd want to check to see that "id" follows instructables.com and make sure that it doesn't include "#DISCUSS"

So if the link is "https://www.instructables.com/id/E53LXTNKPKEXCFG4K7/" (the lovely tongue one), then strip 29 chars off the beginning and 20 off the end. If that=="id", then attach "?ALLSTEPS"

I'll try it at work tomorrow to look busy.


11 years ago

Likewise. Specially on dial-up.

I'm on cable and it still gets on my nerves!