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Viewing my concept instructables possible? Answered


Was just wondering; I saved an instructable I was working on without actually publishing it. Somehow I can't seem to find the draft/concept version of the instructable I made. How can I find them / navigate to them on the website?

thanks in advance,


I had this same thing happen. I couldn't find it under the drafts. The solution was to find it in browser history. It worked exactly where I left off.

I believe you should also recieve an email 1 day after starting it. It should be something like "Troy (tomatoskins) from Instructables".

If you click the "you" button on the upper right of any page, you should see a list of menu options that includes a link to your drafts folder, where you can access your unpublished Instructables. Does this help you find what you were looking for?

Sam (seamster)

Instructables Community Manager