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Views counting Answered

Hi! I am new to instructables and I have been uploading some video tutorials by embeding YouTube videos.
The number of views in the instructables page is going up quickly but if I check my videos in my YouTube page I cannot see that there are that many views.
Is there a reason for that? I have searched in the forum an answer for that but I cannot seem to find one.



4 years ago

I have the same expierence. Four hits on Instructables gives one hit on YouTube. As Penolopy notice'd not all people watch the video. May be it is not clear that there is a video is embedded at all. Only an arrow in the middle of a picture is the indication. Next time I write in big letters VIDEO above the player.

Every view on Instructable should count as a view on Youtube. But, unlike Youtube, the videos do not automatically play, so it could be that people click your Instructable, but then do not watch the video. Just an idea, not sure if that would be the issue. It would be interesting to see what other video posters have noticed.