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Vintage Super Mario and Friends Pin Set Original Sealed in Plastic -- Looking for Appraisal Answered

My grandfather was a buyer for KMart in the electronics department, and got a lot of Nintendo memorabilia. I have 3 sets of these pins, 2 are unopened and 1 has been removed from the plastic, but still has all of the pins in excellent condition. I am looking for an appraisal for them, and maybe some selling tips. 

Images of the pins can be found here. And here.



Look on Ebay to find the going price for something like this.

Already did. I think I have like the last full set in existence or something, because I cant find any of them anywhere.

Either that, or nobody else is interested in them, or nobody else is willing to part with them. I know which I'd bet on, but that's just me.

I honestly think that these are that rare. After further research I found that these were retail store displays, and the pins were never sold from them. However, the were seriously beat up from sitting on check out counters and kids being all grabby and begging there mom's buy a pin for them.

Just got a few hits for these on google. One linked to a site called worthopedia, which lists prices for stuff based on what they have sold for in the past.

Well, you could offer it on eBay with a high reserve and see what folks are willing to bid up to... I think it's one of those things which will be worth about ten times its original cost (which still isn't much), *IF* you can find the right collector. If you can't...