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Viper Knex Gun Answered

This is my first ever knex gun. I have called it the viper. it doesnt shoot that far but is more of a short range handgun than a powerful big gun. The gun has an expansion port so you can add other things to it but cannot be used when the handle is folded in. The handle can be folded up to make it easier to store



10 years ago

Ditto ... if it has the stats, post it. people willllll want it

Its pretty good, If it has good power/range/accuracy, then do post!

thanks. its in peices at the moment as im trying to make it have longer range and power.

wow very cool! Awesome!!! please do post!!!

Ive just seen your folding gun. it beats mine. i thought i was the first to make a folding one

so he made the first RPG folding gun and i made the first real shooting folding gun.

He made the first knex folding gun, and this guy made the first knex rod shooting gun.