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Virtual LEGO building for Google Chrome Web Browser!!! Answered

Technology has just been released to allow users to build virtual creations with LEGO using the Google Chrome Web Browser!

Now you can pretend to be busy at work (or school) while making some new amazing Lego Builds!

You can download Chrome and get started HERE. 

It's super easy to use AND IT'S ALL IN 3D. Right now there are only basic pieces in 10 different colors and doors and windows, but I'm sure there will be more parts down the road.

So do you think this is as cool as I do, or is virtual building a step in the wrong direction?

** If you make something with it, take a screenshot and post the image for others to see. ;-)



6 years ago

Sounds like my grand son is gonna loose a lot of sunlight time :-)


We grand kids and I are starting to use V-LEGO
Awesome possibilities... 
Do you know of libraries or training templates ?

I didn't notice anything yet, but I actually found it pretty easy to use. Start by selecting your shape/size of lego, and the color (by clicking the color box) on the left. Then position the piece where you want it on the board, you can move the board around with the controls on the right. Once you play around for a few minutes you'll have it figured out and can then show the grandkids. 

(You can always ask me if you can't figure something out.). :)