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Virtual Pot Luck: You are Invited Answered

There is a virtual pot luck here at this topic 
Are you coming ?
You have an hour to shop and prepare. 
What, if anything will you bring, and why ?
That's all you know; if you have questions, guess and act. 

I will bring blanched broccoli florets because they are fast, easy, healthy taste good , can be eaten hot or cold, ,nice looking .and I don't think there will be many cooked vegies around.
I will bring Big Flats beer because I like it.


No one came. So I baked squash, and potatoes and we ate them with some deer sausage. and beer. And we sat together and watched the latest Bones.

I was worried it was gonna turn out to be an organic vegan fest. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

A bottle of pepto-bismol? I hope you are aware of how many dumpster divers there are on the site that will be attending.

25 years ago, I helped serve hundreds of meals from food diverted from the waste stream. And I ate whatever I served. Bread, veggies, some meat. Good memories