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Virtual keyboard autorun? Answered

Currently, I am working on a project to convert an old windows laptop running windows 98, into a modern tablet multi-media center running Xubuntu. Without a keyboard, I will need a virtual keyboard. I am thinking of using Klavier for this. I need Klavier to start up immediate upon startup but I have no clue how to make it open upon startup. Any ideas? Also, Is it possible to make it appear on the login screen?


Lithium Rain

8 years ago

Ubuntu already comes with this feature. Yay! Put the keyboard at the login screen, alter the Universal Access Preferences (by clicking on the little "guy in a circle" icon at the login page). Check "use on-screen keyboard". IIRC it also works after you login. If not, it's easy to install an on-screen keyboard. Also check out the settings under Preferences>Assistive Technologies.