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Virtual potter's wheel controls 3d printer Answered

From UnFold via NOTCOT:

For L’Artisan Electronique, Unfold created - aside from the ceramic printer - a virtual pottery wheel in collaboration with Tim Knapen. This pottery wheel gives visitors a chance to ‘turn’ their own forms. At regular intervals, a selection of these designs is printed in clay and exhibited in the space.

In L’Artisan Electronique, pottery, one of the oldest artisanal techniques for making utilitarian objects, is combined with new digital techniques. The virtual pottery wheel was realised by means of a 3D-scanner and digital design software. However, the installation still clearly refers to the artisanal process of working in clay. The printing process imitates the traditional technique used by ceramicists, in which the form is built up by stacking coils of clay.

It looks fun, and even potentially genuinely artistic, but I would like to see a much higher resolution on the scan, to give a less "digital" look to the final object.



8 years ago

Instructable, please!!

I know there are at least a couple of 3-D printers on here - and assume there's something that can emulate the interface... It just remains to combine them (though I expect it's a HELL of a lot more complicated... ;( )

But to answer your point, Kiteman, the resolution will quickly improve to the point that the layman can't tell the difference between 'true' Artisan pottery and that produced by this method - whether it'll become good enough for any form of 'mass production' of the 'printouts' or not, remains to be seen (scrub that - it will become more than good enough, but the Artisan's will be up in arms...)

As I see it, the next step (other than improving the resolution) will be to have the general public select images and artwork to be applied by a more automated version of an inkjet printer.

Who knows, maybe we've just seen the first steps towards a 'replicator'...


8 years ago

Mmm, thanks!