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Visit the Instructables Restaurant in Amsterdam September 22, 23, 24 Answered

Join me in Amsterdam for the opening of the Instructables Restaurant!

I will be at the Picnic 2010 Festival in Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, the Netherlands September 22-24 where I will help Arne Hendriks and Bas van Abel, Fablab Amsterdam, Waag Society open the restaurant.  They did all the hard work, I think I'm just going to cut a ribbon with a giant pair of novelty scissors! 

Watch this forum topic for the latest information on when to come, and where and when we'll be having an Instructables meet-up.  In fact, you may be needed to help build furniture for the restaurant -- instructions on Instructables! 

Instructables meet-up outside of PICNIC:  Thursday 2010-09-23 5:30 PM at the big field in Westerpark.  You'll know you're in the right spot if you see bamboo sculptures and a bike racing track.


Are you going to try and open one in the US?

It's an "open source" idea - you could open one yourself.

Eric is here! It's great to meet him and talk a bit about all the interesting things he is doing. Wednesday it's official business, opening the Instructables Restaurant, but thursday we want to organize a sort of alternative picnic i The weather forecast is good so it'll be pizza and cheap white wine in the very pleasant Westerpark. Eric suggested we also make something while we're meeting and greeting. Ideas anyone?

Like... robotic friends? Don't you normally need a stocked electronics and mechanical lab to do that?

Everybody bring an old electric toothbrush, make bristlebots.

I was planning to buy a PICNIC ticket to come to the opening until I saw the price. Something outside of PICNIC would be great. I'll plan on coming to whatever you do on Thursday. Please PM me if you have details.

5:30 PM in the big field at Westerpark.

Do you now know if you're going to do something outside PICNIC thursday afternoon?

Thursday 5:30 PM at the big field in Westerpark.

Wow ! Will you be back (and rested up) in time for the Maker Faire on the 25th (in Queens) ?

Great! Do I have to buy a ticket for the festival to stop by?

The restaurant itself is inside the festival, and so you will need a pass to see it.

However, we're planning an Instructables picnic (at PICNIC!) for Thursday afternoon or evening outside where you will not need a ticket. I will post the time as soon as it's finalized.

Probably not, but I'm not completely sure. More details coming soon.

Oh, good luck, have fun!

Surely someone has a blue-ray laser ribbon cutter for you? Does this mean you will have jet lag for the Maker Faire NYC? Come hungry, stay late.