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Vizio 42" e422vle no picture but does have sound? Answered

My 42" Vizio E422VLE lost it's picture but still has sound. After looking around the internet it seemed like the back light inverter was the problem, I replaced the inverter but this did not solve the problem. Still no picture but has sound. the remote stopped working. There are also faint black vertical lines. I can barley make them out. Anyone have any suggestions?


Replace, the cost of repair will alomst certainly be almost the same.##Sad but there it is.

I know that this is not the answer that you are expecting but I recommend that you replace your flat screen. I had a 46 inch Sony and half of the screen turned dark. I took the TV to a technician and after turning the TV on and looking at the problem he told me that flat screens are not serviceable. The good man did not charge me and the TV ended at a recycling center.