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Voltage of iPod Battery Answered

Ah, so I have this iPod Shuffle Gen 2 (which I really dislike, I won it in a contest), and I would like to know what the voltage of the li-ion battery inside is or about is. I don't know if anyone knows, any help would be nice. Thanks!


I hope youre not thinking of just using the battery out of it..at least sell it, then buy a battery and have money left over.

Ha, no. If that was the case I'd just Dremel it and find out. I'm gonna use it until the battery doesn't hold a charge (which I believe is after about 500 recharges) then Dremel the case open and get another battery and just make my own case. I just figured I'd get a headstart on things.

That's 500 full recycle charges. If you run the battery only 1/4 empty, that would be 1/4 charge. That should take you, under normal use, 3+ years to do. Even after the 500 full charges, the battery will be at 80% capacity. Far from dead.

Ha, there always is a flaw in my plans. Well, maybe the player might ï ally" get "slightly" beat up, eventually.


10 years ago

Li-ion batteries are 3.6 volts and I think the ipod only has one.

I am pretty sure the limit for an Ipod is 5 Volts.