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Voltage regulation Answered

I have a solar charge controller (Velleman SOL4UCN2) that outputs 12v, 6v and 3v. But I need 9v and I'm not sure how to get that.


Yes it's simultaneous outputs, so I gues the 7809 is the way to go. Thanks for the help :)

So basically build this then tune it to put out 9v (use a miltimeter

Use the 12V and 3V outputs (3V will be the negative) - that will give you 9V. May cause a problem if the negative side of your load is grounded.

that's what I was thinking, but I thought it only gave out 1 output at a time

. He used "and," not "or," so I'm assuming they are simultaneous. If you're right, then the 7809 (or similar) would probably be the way to go.

how efficient does it have to be? You can just use a 7809 with the 12 volt output