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Voltage regulator circuit design Answered

Hi, I'm trying to make a DC - DC voltage converter. The real purpose is to power an old USB hub in a car. This is because so many of my electronics these days use USB to power them and rather than have a nasty mess of car power adapters I want to use a single 12V supply for the hub and then plug all of my goodies into it. Now for the meat of the question..... What is the best circuit design for using a voltage regulator. I have looked at some stuff in data-sheets and it just seems way too simple. The part I'm looking at using is a National Semiconductor LM1085-5.0. Input voltage 6.5 - 20V output 5V max of 3A


Thanks for the info! Not too worried about efficiency since cars have plenty of 12V to go around. If I remember correctly most cigarette lighters (OK, now they call them "power outlets") are fused at either 5A or 10A so there's no chance of my 5V 3A regulator blowing the fuse.

it IS that simple
input, output, ground

if you went high efficiency go with a switching regulator