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Volume adjusting stereo audio amp? Answered

Hi, I want to make something like http://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/audio/023/index.htmlbut have it be stereo and also use a 386 audio amp. Is this at all possible and have you seen schematics for something like it? Thanks for looking :D


It would be easier to use the LM386 than 4 transistors, 8 resistors, 5 capacitors, a diode and a potentiometer. I was just wondering if anyone by chance had seen something like this.

Yes, but it won't do the same job. Not and build an AGC in as well. You need a minimum of 6 components to drive a '386 as a basic amplifier anyway,

Couldn't I just make an opto-isolator by gluing an led to a photocell and use it like an agc?

So use two of them. Why do you need to use an LM386 - you'd need to drive headphones, or the thing will feedback badly.