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I know you dudes have to sell advertising to make this work, but the whole page seems to be funded by the G.O.P. As a voter who has been seriously scorched by the G.O.P. in the lat 8 years, let me link to the DemocraticParty. org for a bit of even-handedness...



I just keep getting ads about this fab-u-lous new diet that works for everyone! This is what happens to me on every other site too. The whole internet thinks me to be fat. ;) I am, however, really excited about going to vote tomorrow. I think I'm going to walk down there as soon as I wake up!

Oh, I know. But jessy, did you know you and I can eliminate all unsightly wrinkles and bulges and become attractive again if only we use the special cream?!?! I HAVE to use this!!

Don't forget popping just six pills a day to increase your bust size to a DD!

they need to put in the disclaimer for women only, because mine didn't work. D=

don't get me wrong, they still worked, just to single d's i was sad but then I woke up

Mmmm....body image issues. Damn you, magazine and entertainment industry! "Walk down there"? You mean you haven't voted already? Most elections, I vote in my bathrobe on some Saturday or Sunday in October, with a nice mug of coffee at my elbow (oh, darn, just knocked it over...). I think that I've only missed one or two elections (including the primaries!) in the past 15+ years.

I never vote early, really. I always go the day of. :) Don't know why. I guess it's a bit more epic that way. Perhaps I should put some theme music on my iPod tomorrow. Oh, actually, I already have The Final Countdown on there. Nevermind. :D

Don't forget Ecstasy of Gold, and Summer Overture.

But its so true! I mean when has the internet lied! the krispy kreme diet really works! I lost 5 pounds in muscle in just 2 days*!

Kathybear must live in a "red" state (does anyone else see the humor in Republicans proud to be Reds; Joe McCarthy must be turning over in his grave!). I'm in Northern California, and all the political ads are either Obama/Biden or No on 8 (woo hoo!).

is that a yes or no one 8? I don't follow things like that very often not sure if I want yes or no, mainly because I don't know which is which its like the Reno 911 (show on comedy central) thing, they changed the numbers on a vote to give them, the police, higher pay to realize that they wanted no instead of yes and they ended up losing by alot

Sorry, I am quite strongly against California's Prop 8. Something which explicitly takes away someone's civil rights seems vaguely...unAmerican...to me. Of course, we did it to the Japanese, we did to blacks, we did it to our indigenous peoples, we're doing it to Muslims, so why stop now? NOTE: I probably shouldn't have replied here. We're hijacking Kathybear's topic, and probably turning it into a flamefest. Please feel free to switch this to my Orangeboard, or to start a separate topic on the Prop 8 issue.

its not a flame war until someone disagrees!
there was a topic and me and kiteman (I'm sorry, Kiteman and I) were debating on it, didn't get much done
sad part was i think we were on the same side

You wrote about debating with Kiteman, "sad part was i think we were on the same side." That is usually the most enjoyable kind of debate (you may have seen me do this already, especially with Kiteman :-).

Taking an opposing view, even one you don't agree with, can be a great way to test whether you really know what you're talking about, and you can often learn more about whatever it is you're discussing. More to the point, if don't actually believe what you're supporting, you won't take the argument personally :-)

no i was just arguing if his evidence was to be reasonable but I was kinda sleepy so I made a few mistakes, I don't remember who won

"Won"? I'm not sure winning or losing is necessarily the point :-) If you care to post a link to the discussion, I'd be happy to enjoy the read, or maybe even jump in (as I have during a couple of Kiteman's YEC-hunting expeditions).

it kinda does I mean, how are you supposed to win future debates when people on your own side are posting false evidence

Your point is right on target! False evidence is contrary to the whole spirit of intellectual inquiry, thought it might be what dogmatists need in order to support an intellectually bankrupt viewpoint.

When I argue a contrary position, then I must use accurate information (even if I apply interpretations with which I disagree), or at least, the same kind of information used by the actual proponents. Otherwise I'm just lying. Now, if the other side themselves regularly use false evidence to try to "win", then I think it's they that are lying.

thats what I hate most about elections, it brings out the worst in people like a candidate could say his opponent is for tazering kids when he meant in wors cases

Nope. I'm in a blue state.... I fortunately do not watch television. And until Wednesday, I'm not answering the phone either. :-)

All I've got is "free smileys" and something called "TOEFL".

Now that is truly ironic :-) TOEFL is the Test of English as a Foreign Language, required by various universities in the States for admitting foreign students. Instructables' ads are driven by geographically segregrated servers. Need I say more?

So, "not in America" means "no speak English"? *rolls eyes*

Um, yeah. Perhaps the acronym should be TOAFL ;-> That would catch all our Canadian friends, too, eh?

. That pretty well sums it up. . "We are not arrogant! We're way too perfect to be arrogant." - CameronSS

If you don't like the ads, get adblock plus for firefox. Never see anything about Obama and his negative properties again.