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Voyager or Venus? Answered

What would you rather have, The Voyager (cell phone) or The Venus? (cell phone)


my dad and i are very happy with the first one in the pic

The venus? Well it's cheaper but the voyager is better looking, so that's I asked for oppinons. Thank You. :D



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Lol, I do get some stuff for Christmas and Birthdays though.

Please Answer!!!!! If you do NOT have wi-fi is it worth getting? Because I could use an i-POD but I don't have wi-fi at my house.

Put it this way. You can get a 160gb iPod classic for £50 cheaper than 16gb iTouch. If you want a fancy iPod with a touchscreen, then the iTouch is good. Only advantages of it (which are good enough for me to fork out that much for one) are big screen, touch sensitive, and internet. (which also allows you to go onto iTunes on your iPod, by the way.

Oh, ok. Sorry for the slow reply, I went away on holiday for 2 weeks.

Well yeah I got my ipod and a wireless router so I have internet access now. I love it!!! What apps do you have on yours?

Erm, 58! I got all the free ones like superpong2, but I bought some like linerider. Also, I have a spirit level and a torch!

Yeah, I am thinking of getting that (as soon as I get another voucher!)

I remember when telephones were just used to call people...

Anyhoo, a vaguely-on-topic side-question:

How much does it really cost to check websites with a mobile phone in the UK? Is it still "WAP", or do these new wide-screen phones access any websites? Good grief, don't I sound old, asking these questions?

I've tried asking mobile phone sales-people, but they are generally ignorant of the details of their products, and only really interested in selling contract-phones. They can't even tell me if the price is in the pennies-per-hour range or pounds-per-minute.

Muahaha...ever hear of the iphone? Pounds-per-minute...no, it isn't THAT expensive. At least, not here...

I remember when telephones were just used to call people...

Ah, the good ole "land line" POTS LOL

Connected with a jack the size of my little finger, which you had to pay extra for, so you could carry your phone upstairs to the other socket you had also paid extra for, just in case you got an emergency call in the night. You didn't have two phones, though, because the line couldn't take the load.

Hmm, the phone we started with at home (about 48 years ago or so) we had for the next 12, and it was hard wired into the "jack" in the wall. No plug of any kind, until I installed one (radio shack deal...4 prong converter, did NOT work, I had to rewire the "old jack" to a new fancy plug in this maner. RJ-11 type but the original one looked like this... and inside it looked just like this

This was the jack that didn't work (4 tabs on the back make pressure contact....not so good though)

the link behind "it looked just like this" is not correct....the following is a picture of the guts of the old phone BLOCK.


Hmm, I had added a second phone in my house way back, after putting in the modular jack (found out that the RING felt pretty close to electrical outlet shock when working with the lines with bare hands :-) and the phone company just needed to know the RING number on the back (so they knew it was FCC approved).

I think the US phone system was hardier than the UK, and more forgiving. Plus, if you started wiring things yourself, an officious man with a clip board brought a surly man in an overall to disconnect all of it. That may have been because ours used to be government run, rather than commercial.

Yes, I can see where that would be a problem. Even over here, they were and are a bit sticky about wiring in homemade devices not approved by the FCC but if one is careful and keeps the device electrically isolated (by means of a transformer or some other method), one can get away with it here. As long as the line voltage doesn't drop, we're good :-) (but yes, when I was "REALLY" young, adding an extension on one's own would prompt a visit from the Fed :-)

As far as I'm aware, it's £expensive. Most phones will still use WAP, newer phones come with full featured internet browsers with either a 3g or EDGE connection. If you want to use mobile internet, it's almost always better to have a contract phone.

I don't know what the price for the web is. Sorry. Plus I don't know how to covert dollars to Euros.

Never heard of either. I want a Nokia N95 or an iPhone.

Your kidding... Anyway the iPhone is cool but i'm 13 and don't have that money.

What? The iPHone is an overpriced piece of junk that doesn't even have copy and paste.

Yeah, and there are phones that do the same but better. Like the LG Dare!

actually, there is an app for the iphone that can copy and paste

What did I tell you about being stupid? Are you seriously going to completely deny my point as though it wasn't made?

Oh my flying spaghetti monster... Are you serious, or are you just playing someone who is oblivious?

I'm 14 and EARN (not given) £48 a month. Ordered my iTouch yesterday

how much is E48? sorry, i dont know how to make the E all squiggly

lol, about $96. One Pound Sterling (British currency) is about half of a U.S. Dollar.

Lucky. Well I get a bunch of stuff I want so I don't get paid for my work.