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Vulcanizing Rubber....? From Latex Paint? Answered

                 Vulcanizing rubber...


those are the basics according to research.  but how much heat?   how much pressure?

can i use that old can  o latex paint?  can i use sulphur from the garden store?
                   hazards?                    techniques?


Modern latex paint is not latex rubber, but if you do have a can of that stuff left in the shed, the can should have been long corroded by now.

Yes, you can use sulphur from the garden store.

I seriously doubt you can use latex paint and expect to get proper vulcanised rubber from it, since the paint will have many other ingredients that could cause issues.

I'm not sure you need pressure, but you do need accelerating agents to stop you having to boild rubber and sulphur for hours: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulcanization#Vulcani...

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I take it your editor failed you? ;)
Rubber needs around 140° Celsius to vulcanise.

AFAIK the sulfur id mixed into the rubber before this process, so dusting sulfur from the garden department should do.

Problem is you also need pressure to get and keep the shape you want.
Without it the product might end up more like really soft rubber.
Why not use self vulcanising rubber or a mix for masks?