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Vuvuzela filtering for World Cup Answered

The biggest complaint I keep hearing about the World Cup is about the vuvuzelas, plastic horns that get blown for everything and nothing. This makes me almost glad that I'm missing practically every game because of the broadcast times and the fact that my TV only has bunny ears for reception.

Well, PopSci has found that some people are fighting back by filtering out the frequencies of the vuvuzelas at 233 Hz, 466 Hz, 932 Hz, and 1864 Hz. It's a good enough trick that it makes me almost want to upgrade my setup so that I can try it out.

Simple Software Can Filter Out That Vuvuzela Whine From World Cup Broadcasts


I'd be more interested in an ible to make one...

(Make a vuvuzela, that is)

Traffic cone and trumpet mouthpiece. Bingo.

It's not the kind of thing you can just make, It has a very unique sound, even the knock-offs sound bad, but nothing comes close to the genuine high quality products. I don't know if this will help, but i do know that the design originally came from railroad warning horns, they were broken off by rowdy fans before the game and used mainly to irritate the opposing team players (not much has changed).

Hmm, I reckon a spare cycle tube as a test air source and the right horn

Try living in South Africa, you can hear a vuvuzela being blown 5 kilometers away, I have had one myself for quite some time, but have vowed never to use it, they are unbelievably irritating and loud. (you buy them with a warning not to blow directly in someones ear)

I am waiting for them to hack the auto-tune software so it outputs the vuvuzela whine. That would be annoying.

How can I do this at home? I don't have a mac so I can't use the software he uses.