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W00T! I got Dugg! Answered


Someone Dug my Rubik's cube 'ible, and I got 1986 (so far) diggs!

Wow, this is nutz!



After digg beat Instructables, you still decide to use it?!?!?!


Instructables doesn't have a social news feature that can procure 200+ news stories a day...

True, but I never used digg before, never will. Instructables beats EVERYTHING.

Your logic still doesn't make sense... Google is also awesome, but I'm not going to expect it to drive me to school. They don't have a taxi service... yet...

Taxis meet google earth. 'Enter in the name of where you would like to go.' 'Preston' 'Destination set to Preston, New York, USA.' 'NO NO NO! Wait! I wanted to go to Preston, Victoria, Australia'.

That's true... But I still think Instructables is the best website out there. :-)


10 years ago

Digged? I always thought the plural was Dug.... Great job man!

. I'm not so sure that, in this case, Digged is incorrect. For the same reason(s) I think Googled/Googling/Google (as a verb) is OK.

can you use "wikipedia" or "wiki" as a verb?

Nono, digged is incorrect. On digg.com, they use the word "dugg" Google is a verb, its in the dictionary.

. OK. I guess the Digg people should know. ;)

hmm.... it's not a plural, it's more of a past-tense verb, but whatever.

I suppose the right word is dug, so I'll change that now.

Ah, well, that's what I meant. Didn't know if it was one of those "special" on-line terms. Very nice!

actually, its dugg ;]

Well, close enough. :-)

Sweetness of chocolate chip muffins! Nice job Josh!

Post a link and I'll give you one more ;-)