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W00t! (Dad joined!) Answered

After a lot of pleading, I got Dad to type up an Instructable in Word. He originally wanted it to be posted under my name, but where's the fun in that? After a little more pleading, I got him to join. He's still a little iffy on this, so I need you guys and gals to convince him. (Welcome him, convince him this isn't a typical shady internet site, etc.)



Finally, somebody to keep you in line... ;-)

Oh noes! I didn't think of that! I've got to watch my back from now on...


Hhahahaahahahhahaahah :P

Ahhh, and the interesting things we learn about our offspring on this site!!!


How'd you get that pic of me?!? My hair isn't always like that y'know. Jk, that's not me. How would you like me to convince him? What do you even want me to convince him to do anyway?