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Hey. USE THE GLITCH! Answered

GLITCH! woohoo! Put a note on the milk!



The milk is neither half-full nor half-empty: the glass is twice the size of what it should be.

The milk is neither half-full nor half-empty
You're right. It's full! YAY! That means more milk for cookies!

Since Kiteman has already posted this, you could have chosen a more fun image? L

No. Milk is the most fun image I could find.

I'm tempted to post my own, but I'll probably find there's more than 3 if I do... Like this L


hey i puked in a toilet just like that in the mcdonalds a couple of years ago....

Oh hai guys, sorry didn't mean to use your toilet but I was really busting. I didn't mean to leave a smell but you might just want to air it out for one or two minutes....

The bug had been splated by the instructables team... :-(

Hey! who deleted them!?

can uz find mine? i might haz of missplace it

Haha Brennn10!