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WANTED: Recipe for maiking instant powder drink/juice Answered

im looking for a recipe to make an instant powder drink or artificial drink from scratch. that is i would like to do it commercially/manufacture it in south africa.i sort of know the ingredients but need a solid recipe with quantities to go with it. any help will be greatly appreciated.
thank you


Reach me on my facebook page: Prince Jey.

I work in a small firm which deals in among manufacturing, the powdered juice just like Joly Juice of South Africa. I will give you full formulation and the ration of ingredients.
This is very secretive and costly. Just contact me via email also; prince.jey14@yahoo.com.

the recipe are very easy to make, but the problém in industrial quantity to buy from manufacturer, mor than 1 metric tonnes for each ingredients.

its need a lot of monney and analytical laboratory, i think brand in animals foods is better, no problém with legislation...good luck

hi Youssefb

the ingredients is not a problem. do you have any sort of formulation i can play with.

Hi Caitlinsdad Thanx so much for your reply.What do you mean by reverse engineer a recipe.?and lol i figured they secret because i cant find a single thing anywhere.any idea how to get one.? i really need this to work because i actually closed my business in november last year due to complications. thank you again and help from ANY1 would be appreciated.

Most powdered drinks are chemical cocktails. Did you try to reverse engineer one? Some of the ingredients are used to adjust the mouthfeel, taste, artificial flavor, anti-clumping of the powder, color, etc. Those proportions are usually trade secrets.