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From the steam canon to the lead balloon,talk about the gadgets and contraptions the mythbusters built.


I must admit though, that my second favorite "show" was when they tried to launch a frontend loader (bull dozer) into the air with buried explosives....

The lead ballon it confirmed an argument I had with a metalwork teacher about 35 years ago......
Told you so!!!! :-)

DEFINATLEY when they cut down some trees with machine guns and a m134 dillon minigun

Definitely. But there was just an episode when they stuck a paintball gun on a car. Yes Adam, I sooo wanted to be you right then :)

I wonder if I could make an instructable for that...... ;)

my favorite was the paper crossbow. adam's ruled! somebody needs to post an instructable on how to make one.

I liked the rc car with a leaking fuel tank and the water wind tunnel for the model cars :)


7 years ago

when the mythbusters took a small rc car and put a rocket on it and tried to get it airborne

the deadly straw cannon by far ...... by the way does anyone know were to get one of those pilot assisted diaphragm valves (the electric release valve )?

Duct Tape Sail Boat was my personal favorite. I did find it hilarious when jamie threw that silicon implant at Adam... the sound still makes me crack up.

The part where they made an exploding hot water heater. I THOUGHT THAT WAS AWESOME. XD

Cannon made from Tree Trunk. And they exploded it at the end of the test. Story goes like: Under siege from a neighboring clan, a Medieval Hungarian town (Paks) built a cannon out of a tree overnight, but wiped out a great deal of itself when the cannon exploded during a test-fire. http://mythbustersresults.com/episode6

The giant paintball array that painted the Mona Lisa in under 1 second.

The non-dairy creamer was the absolute best one EVER. It was possibly the largest Mythbuster fireball ever. I am working on an instructable for a small scale one with PVC and blackpowder

Fireball mythbusters.jpg

Yea, that really made giant fire ball from hell! I burned out so fast but still.... :D

it that the 1 that made adam lose an eyebrow?

No, this is series 5 and the one where Adam lost an eyebrow is series 1.

was the eyebrow lost while they were testing cell phone vs gas pumps?

Agreed 100% The sawdust and creamer fireballs were totally awesome.

although seemingly simple, the Thumbprint computer and door lock reader hack.

That episode told me never to buy thumbprint locks!!!

at least, not until they make them a LOT better, eh? :-)

I don't think they will ever get that much better.  Not without adding a lot.  If a fingerprint can be stored then it can be duplicated.  Same goes for just about anything but a fingerprint is difficult to keep private.

True enough,  from that perspective it will be hard to improve. 

The only way would be for  the device to "somehow" detect whether it was a "real finger" being shown, rather then a "copy".   Since a copy would not be a "flesh and blood" finger (although it may be placed  ON one).  

Retinal scans would be both more secure and harder to duplicate, I believe.

I agree completely on that one.  Plus, many people lose their fingers or don't have them but it is a lot rarer for someone to not have atleast one eye.  They just need to figure out a way for the scanner to not feel like being probed.

Sik. OMG the photocopy worked!! It has a different narrator to the episodes shown here in England

Yea, there is a different narrator for Europe...

as opposed to Mike Lee here in the good old USA

My personal favorite contraption that they ever built was the Thermite Hindenburg.  That things was awesome.  As for my favorite thing they have ever done, it is easily the time they vaporized a cement truck.

Chicken Gun.

Definitely the Van De Graaff Generator

probably the match powered cannon from the youtube special or the rocket sled from the demolition special