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I am looking for something innovative to build out of knex, and a new type of weapon. I have already made the NAR, and I am bored. please make sure it does not have a high piece count.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Make something for your pet if you have one! Like if it's a dog build a moving bug or something.

 Heheh, did you read the other part?
My motor should be here in a few days, but I don't have any pets, anymore :(

Too bad. How about a mini golf course. There really fun to make

Yeah, and add a little loop-da-loop. would you use a real golf putter? I was thinking of a knex pinball machine.

Do whichever one you want most. I might post 18 golf holes some day.

Cool. Thank's heaps for the suggestions though!

Round of Applause for my first best answer!!!!!!!


You forgot to bow...

.(x)  (x).


8 years ago

make a decent smg or something...

 .............? give me sumting.....

I built your P90 from the pics!!!

Do you have any pics of the V2?

But you haven't sold your knex yet!

Soon? I hope you never get round to it...

You can get flagged for that now.

make a car or a truck

I guess so, but not really much point is there? Unless it was good enough for me to Un-best answer the question for yours, but I'm not going to do that, because it was his first best answer.

Yeah I wouldn't un best it either knowing its his first best answer.

Yeah but seriously, build a car or truck. Im tired of seeing guns after guns.