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Any ideas? E.g. CD/DVD Player (hooked up with some decent speakers etc...) thanks alot everone


i don't know why, but my ps2 has trouble playing CD/DVDs!

Anybody know why?

Start off with a CD/DVD lens cleaner. If you don't have one already you'll probably pick one up pretty cheaply on eBay. It's basically a disc with some fine brushes on it, somestimes comes with a cleaning solution to apply to the brush.

If that doesn't help, it could be that the optical drive in your PS2 is faulty. Probably cheaper to pick up a second hand PS2 than to repair it if that is the case.

Build an PS2 Arcade Cabinet!

Been looking how to make it, to have mame games on it, but if you burn discs you can only use 30 game per disc.... any idea on how to get as much as you want using USB external disc?

If it works, and it's unwanted, give it to any near-by small person in need.

Or just leave on a street with a little notice by it.

Mail it to me: Eyebeam c/o Randy 540 W 21st St. New York, NY 10011

doesnt work as a ps2; fixed it once and its broken again and we cant see what is wrong this time, DVD drive and stuff still works, at the moment im canobalising it and turning it into a CD and DVD player with speakers for my room, got some old stereo speakers, decent quality which will be rigged to it lol some how or another, my dad is good with chips n techinal electric stuff so wil be good. Was just wondering what else would be possible.

There is no logical way to even try hooking it up to your computer. Just won't work, although if you had it networked locally (using all the ps2 guts), you could probably access the drive through lan. But yea, just hook it up to a stereo.

and thats what i meant is to hook it up through the network lan

Yea, I thought you were gonna try to connect it through your ide bus, definatly not gonna happen. Try googleing "ps2 exploit" and start there. As soon as you can run homebrew software on it, you should be able to access the drive.

no...it definitly wont work through ide bus...but if it did...hmmmm the possibilties!

It's a 4x dvd rom drive. Nothing special, you can get a dvd burner for like $40.

Lol, I haven't gone to college yet, everything I know I have extensivly taught myself the fundimentals of basic circuitry design up to being able to know how to trace componants on pcb boards from different things such as "ps2's". I know for a fact that the ps2 drive, in both the slim and old ver, you'll notice that the data cable coming off of it is a small one, this is because the laser sends the raw data (think IOIOIOIOOOI), the controller for the dvd drive is built into the motherboard of the ps2, it's impossible to access the drive other than lan or through using the exploit in the ps2 and accessing it directly with a keyboard and mouse if you can run a OS of some sort on there.

yea but the hookups arent the same for the pc and ps2 and its also a matter of wether its a ps2 slim or v1.0

i would say...do what i did:remove the outer shell and find the cd drive and remove it and replace the one on your computer or stereo or if you dont have a computer prog/mechanics degree...sell it!!

just wondering if i wanted to put it into my stereo or pc which parts of the chip will i need or will i just need the drive and the reader chip in the middle? And what about the different cables? my dad is a computer technician and has a degree of some kind so he knows a lot about computer tech and chips etc... (he is 1 of 4 of the managers in a computer programming company) Thanks for your help.

you would need the entire drive and as for the cables i used the motor power,the main data,and the reader lens cables