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Who is your favorite mythbuster and why? Is it Adam,Grant,Kary....????


Adam savage!!!! (the name "savage" really suits the guy!)

well, him and buster as honestly, buster does as much myth "busting" as they do! LOL

Grant Imahara hands down. He's awesome. He's Asian (Asian's are awesome so stop with the stupid jokes). He has robot experience. He does not freak me out as much as Tori (Tory?). He's Asian (they are still awesome so stop it with the jokes).

''Quack damn you!'' BOOM!!! ''Well theres your problem.''


6 years ago

That is like picking my preferred way of getting a million dollars handed to me. All are pretty amazing.

i am more in favor of grant because him and i are not that different

I think you mean adam cuz jamie is the one with da mustache

The mythbuster dolls are really cool, especially Jamie.

:D i'm proud to put the link up here haha xD

No I did not make them, but I hope to make them sometime soon :D I might try an attempt at making buster xD

i cant pick a favorite because they are all so cool and funny.

Kari. Do I really need to explain? Ever since episode 2 boys!

eeeee No I love destroying things but i love to create things more... :D

Gerry Anderson is a classic example of a guy who likes both. He creates things with the specific intent to explode them... L

what channel is crash-test dummies on?

tory is the best

Jamie. He obviously wins because he has a beret!!!

My favorite mystbuster is definitely buster.  Everytime he is on the show you know something awesome is about to happen.  As for the breathing mystbusters, I have to say Jamie.  He reminds me a lot of my dad and he has the most interesting back story.  Besides, he is 53.  You try and be as cool as Jamie when you are 53.


8 years ago

Scottie........not just because she is a good looking girl in suspenders who welds.......well, yes it is.......or was.
I actually cannot pick a favorite because they all compliment each other perfectly......  I tend to think that is why Scottie is no longer around.  She was a bit too much of an independent thinker for that crowd.

Adam savage cause i look like him ( even bought a hat off of villagehatshop.com and when i went to my eye Doctor i had to pic out glasses so i found ones like adams and got them. Adams my favorite hes impulsive like me.


Grant. He builds robots.


8 years ago

ok if jamie wasn't on mythbusters then they wouldn't be a show theyed have to have tori and grant for te extra stuff an the rest for mane part.

They all balance out. If Jamie was not a mythbuster there would be no moustache jokes and etc.

Hahahaha, you are so right, who knows, maybe the show mythbusters whit out Jamie would quit after season 1...

Without jamie they wouldnt of started ! They have m7 industries for mythbusters which is a Spin off from jamies M5 Industries making Props etc for adverts ad tv shows

has anyone noticed that after the special when they all talked about themselves (and Jamie said he hated moustache jokes) the moustache joke suddenly stopped. BTW how funny was kari's bird impression?

True That. BTW Mythbusters was originally gonna be made in Australia but nobody had a workshop big enough so the producer went to America to find someone.

Really, i know how the producer looks like, but did Adam and Jamie had to move or what??? I didn't know this! :)


8 years ago

I love them all! But Kari is hot! 

Kari is haaaaawt. i love the show the crew is diverse and interesting

Why does everybody say Jamie is their least favorite? I like Jamie's dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Maybe I can just relate to him more than Adam, although it is close and I'm not sure who I would choose.

Yea, the show just wouldn't be same whit out him, I totaly agree!

I love his deadpan humor! He was in battlebots and had a robot named blendo that was too dangerous for the competition.

About 1996-97. The robot was an inverted wok that enclosed a lawnmower engine that spun this wok at high speeds and the spinning wok enclosed all the housing. The spinning shell (wok) relied on kinetic energy, using the wok as a flywheel. It was deemed to dangerous for the competition due to how fast the wok spun sending entire robots into the stands.


Jamie ftw


8 years ago

Jamie and Adam are both awesome.

my favorite is hurley. oh, wait, thats lost.....