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WHY Answered

Just because you can it doesn't mean you should, WHY did anyone think it was a good idea to start having pictures wander over the screen, personally I just find it childish and annoying, but it blocks out all the text items as well making navigation difficult.
So yeah cute trick, now grow up and stop messing about.



This is bloody stupid.... pics sliding all over the place makes the site a pain to use.... No one likes a smartass.... and the smartass who thought this up really should be playing in a sandpit.... lol

I bet you're a riot of fun at Christmas...

it was funny the first time. now it's april 2 and i'm still having the site broken by this effect. this is the sort of april fools joke that needs an off switch

Its now Apr 2nd PLEASE TURN OFF THIS EFFECT ! Can't even use site !!

Wow it is really weird to see how many people have their bottoms glued together and forgot what fun means....

What did you do on April 1. to have some fun?

Lock all dors, disconnect the phone and put TV / radio in the freezer???
Jokes are made for fun, if you can't handle fun don't surf the net on this day or you might end up playing Pac-Man in your neighbourhood...

Someone put an efford in the effect to make people laugh, even in the army had fun on that day....

Apparently just a [refresh] or [reload] makes it stop.

Exactly. While it was funny for the first few seconds, it literally makes the website unusable. I used NoScript to prevent it from happening, but that causes the menus to break as well.

There needs to be a way to disable this.

I thought it was quite funny! XD