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WIFI booster? Answered

 I have my wireless router at my desk on the second floor of my home. House is concrete and re-bar would like to have wifi through out the house what would the best way to go.?
Jeff ( jeffandtrishlaplaca@yahoo.com)




9 years ago

idk if this would work like i think , but
u said yourself ur house has rebar in it , why not make that into a huge wifi antenna by connecting ur existing wifi antenna to the rebar ?

besides ofcourse the usual risks and drilling a hole in a concrete wall


9 years ago

Most wifi routers are omnidirectional (all directions) and there are several instructables that reflect (focus) the signal to make it more directional.  This might not be enough to go through reinforced concrete.  If it doesn't, you might try avoiding the reinforced walls if you can. 

For example, you could try to find a central position for the wifi router (like a stairwell) that has a better chance of getting to both floors.  Otherwise, you could have a wireless router on each floor (or area) that you want access and connect them with ethernet cable.

Hope this helps