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ok, so im 12 (i dont want too hear "oh your too young blah blah blah" i love to work with my hand but i never can get all of the materials and just quit does anyone have an idea what i could make that i could actually finish?

i like to play with wood?



I think its great that you want to make stuff out of wood and I understand that materials can be a very big problem. I would suggest that you try and get a pallet or two and take it a part for your projects. (See picture). Almost all stores bring in things on wooden pallets and once and a while they get broken, so ask around at some local stores and see if they'll let you have some.

There are tons of things you can build with pallets like a storage box, bookcase, a work table (for your other projects), a chair, a go-kart, or get some strong rope and make yourself a tree swing.

Once you have the wood, some nails or screws, a handsaw, measuring tape and a few other basic tools, you only need your imagination. Just start off with something fairly simple and easy so that you can get use to using a tape measure and your tools and then make sure you use safety glasses!

If you need more ideas or help, just post a reply, otherwise good luck and have fun! Oh and make sure you write an instructable after you make your project. :)


6 years ago

What kind of tools do you have available to you?

Some things that you can do are done a little at a time, bite size bits that add up in time to a finished project.

Sometimes you can get your own wood direct from the trees.


But you do need tools. Beavers have theirs built in, but chewing down trees is something people just can't do very good.

When I was a kid I used to scavenge the scrap wood from my dads projects. I lined shoe boxes with the thin pieces he had shaved off of things and then made trays for them with cardboard bases with glued on cloth and then dividers from small pieces of wood.
I wonder, would something like that that I did many years ago count as an instructable now? Because I still have the boxes.

anything is still countable,

i have hammers, saws, planes, table saw, electric sander, dremel, drill, tape measure, jig saw, etc


6 years ago

Try this woodproject and see if it blows up on you :-)



6 years ago

Try out projects using Popsicle sticks, matchsticks, chop sticks, or balsa wood.
Just enter the words in the search box near the top, right corner of this page.

There are many projects you could do. I was about your age when I got a set of tools for children. It came with a square, a handsaw, hammer, glue, flat and phillips screwdriver in a small steel case. I made birdhouses, shelves, bookcases, toy houses and traps. They were not perfect but I learn from my mistakes like everybody else. Little by little you will gain experience and will add more tools to your collection.

A simple catapult should be well within your skills and pocket.