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WOW its been a long time... Answered

Alright, I know its been a long time and there are probably a lot of things posted on my ibles that i haven't answered. If thats the case then just ask anything you want on this forum and I'll get to answering it.

Because it has been such a long time i was kind of expecting to see some great new stuff out there, but I have to say, I'm not very impressed. Sure there are some good guns that came out, a couple bolt actions and bullpups that were impressive, but other than that, theres not much new.

We aren't ging to get anywhere unless we start coming up with new ideas and sharing those ideas so that others can make them better.

That said, I'm glad to be back and look forward to building with you.



Well I have a shotgun design that I am going to try working on as soon as I have the pieces. You been up to anything lately?

I now have 4 projects on the go and i'm gradually running out of pieces :/

Yes- That bullet transfer on all your guns needs to posted!- That is one of veryfew bolt action mechs around- ALL your guns are mint! Especially the bolt action

Hah glad you like them. I have a forum out of a concept that, if successful, will include several new innovations (including the bullet transfer) and may surpass all others as the perfect war gun. Size may be an issue however but I'm keeping my hopes up that it will work.

TD made a very amazing shotgun concept a few days back. I'm making something myself that should amaze people provided I find the time to finish it and make it work.

Great, I have a two part project idea for you. I think it's about time someone made something to compete with the TRs and even the Swagboss.

Or leave them in our dust...haha whats your idea?

It was actually a concept I had for awhile. I'll PM you the details.


7 years ago

welcome back!