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Wow you guys dont really have that much on here do you. i can start putting things on here but give me alot of time things that i have i have to get pics for and write it all. but the writeing part is one that will take me for ever, but i do have picture previews of everything.


hey 6rea6per can i use 7th pic for my icon? commet me and let me know

ya go ahead i dont care. thats the fire works one right. You can use any one you want.

Only right now i'm not sure what could be used for the reciever, besides just the aluminum, i remember you could also use something you could find in the junk yard really cheap can you help me out on that.

Ya, I know it is hard as hell finding the correct size of tubing,all I did was that I took two sheets metal of metal of the correct size, folded them into an L and welded those two L's to make a rectangle tube.

Yep. working on an instructable of it too. if that wont get me in trouble will it. I am useing lots of pictures from it and going to add a few videos too. and a few pictures of my own.

Anyway, there was a bunch of stuff I made, but never made a instructable for it, here are some of the things I made..... I've also know how to make time bombs, machine guns, blasting caps (powerful enough to detonate anfo),ANFO, Shrapnel grenades, easy ignition grenades, stun grenades,acetone peroxide,and very,very powerful Oxy/mapp time bombs. I'm just have not taken any pictures of them yet. BTW- With that purple smoke bomb, is it the one that uses baking soda?

C:\Documents and Settings\Euge\Desktop\niks\Picture 007.jpghomeade.jpgsmoke bomb.jpgbefore.jpg

thats alot of stuff. I'm not sure on the purple smoke though. i havent done it for a long time so i forgot what it was. so i will look for it.

White Smoke Recipe Potassium nitrate - 4 parts Charcoal - 5 parts Sulfur - 10 parts Wood dust - 3 parts Red Smoke Recipe Potassium chlorate - 15% para-nitroaniline red - 65% Lactose - 20% Green Smoke Recipe Synthetic indigo - 26% Auramine (yellow) - 15% Potassium chlorate - 35% Lactose - 26% If you can order chemicals, here are some of the dyes used to produce more colors: Red: Disperse Red 9 (older formulation) Solvent Red 1 with Disperse Red 11 Solvent Red 27 (C.I. 26125) Solvent Red 24 Orange: Solvent Yellow 14 (C.I. 12055) Yellow: Vat Yellow 4 with benzanthrone (older formulation) Solvent Yellow 33 Solvent Yellow 16 (C.I. 12700) Solvent Yellow 56 Oil Yellow R Green: Vat Yellow 4 with benzanthrone and Solvent Green 3 (older formulation) Solvent Yellow 33 and Solvent Green 3 Solvent Green 3 Oil Green BG Blue: Solvent Blue 35 (C.I. 26125) Solvent Blue 36 Solvent Blue 5 Violet: Disperse Red 9 with 1,4-diamino-2,3-dihydroanthraquinone Solvent Violet 13 Wikipedia was the resource used for this list, with no citation of the author's reference, so use care if you try these additional dyes. If you know of a reliable reference for additional colored smoke formulations, please feel free to contact me. Safety Information Read and follow the safety information for all the chemicals that you use. Use colored smoke outdoors only, in a well-ventilated area. i went to google and looked this up cuz i couldnt find the file. The violet one is the purple.


oh i know what you mean now. ya thats where i put the pics in. it is what i have cheats and stuff in for my games. sorry about that

no idea. i know a game called return to castle Wolfenstein. but that is so old. nice game though.

What the () are you talking about man?

I'm saying that i will start adding stuff on here when i get it all typed up (written up on here).