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WTF! Answered

Ok So I tried to get into instructables today but instead got this crazy robot game. As you can see my high score is 0, 1 can you beat my score?


Can anyone here give me the link of this game? I wanna try it. I believe I will be able to make a good score.

What game is this? I wanna try it.

Whoa! That's pretty darn good. I think I got to 8 one time.

How can I play without waiting, till the server goes down?

I laboured to a score of 10 after many attempts, how Penolopy managed to get to 35 eludes me! Hopefully I won't get the opportunity for too much practice at this game :-)

I didnt get anysteps too

Not good at video games definetively xD

I tried my hardest but I was in health class and I didn't care that much but it was still fun.

Reminded me about the offline game in Google Chrome. I really like that game. Sometimes I turn off my internet connection to play that game. But I never got the opportunity to play this one. Hopefully I don't have to :D


8 months ago

its happening frequently, when it happened during the last couple hours of the home robotics challenge i freaked out ! luckily it was fixed a few minutes before the contest was scheduled to close. and it was extended for an extra day

Is it available on Play Store? I want to play this game.

I also play it for an unexplained reason hahaha


8 months ago

Higher step: 19!


I got only four. I think it is a game for you to play when 'ibles is down.

I was not doing great (ie. a top score of 1) - until Cold Play's "a sky full of stars" came on my pandora station. I think the beat on point for the space bar tap rhythm you need to keep !

personal record.png

What? How? It's impossible to pass 0!

It is as easy as the original from the Android easter egg ;)

I got up to 11 I think