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WTF?!? Caves For Sale On Ebay! Answered

Well, this is big news for cavemen! There are caves for sale on ebay! Click Here

Cave owner Steve Rush, 49, is auctioning off the Mystic Caverns in the hills of Ozark Mountains on eBay. The 28-acre property in Arkansas includes a gift shop and three caves, two of which are safe enough for visitors.

The bidding starts at $899,900 (£568,000), cut from Rush's original asking price of $1.2 million.

Rush bought the property near Harrison in 1988 and began giving tours in 1992 to the two accessible caves, Mystic cavern and the Crystal Dome cavern.

I found all of this information on metro here: Cave for sale, one careful owner

This is really amazing, I wonder who is going to win the auction?


*looks in wallet* darn only have $55 on me

I've got, let's see, a giant jar of pennies...but that is for the trip to HQ...

Is Texas on your path? I'll ride on the roof. or in the trunk. I don't mind. Course I did meet Eric at the Maker's Faire Austin 2008.

I wish! Hey, if he'd take chickens,busses, Confederate money, and vintage LPs/8-Tracks I'd have a chance.

Ive got a mint, a button, half a pretzel, 37 cents and some pocket lint... i think we are gonna get ourselves a cave!

I have 899,900 in..um..dog-years...or not.
I think I'll go cry in my corner and then build a little model of mystic caverns for me to fantasize with.

Give me your money, I'll put it in a bank account, gain interest, and got to the future when we have enough!

GO into the past and invest it properly. Or discover the cave for yourself, and homestead it for nothing. I'm afraid inflation will outpace interest.

Stuff and nonsense boy, VEA agents always get great interest!

Oh, it's when I own a bank chain a decade or so in the future...

I get 15% right now even with such a crappy economy

Oh, there were caves for sale near my hunting property, (about an hour from Harrison). One little thing stood in my way- about $2 million:-(


9 years ago

I've got about $2 right now. Looks like I won't have any caves within the next few hundred years.

U really think a 13 year old would have 1+ million dollars lying around?

Yeah, I thought so

I hate living in such a hot and humid place of the world, We've been sweating at 7:30am!!!!

Wait, in france the "," symbol is the equivalent of the period. That means that it is $899.90! I'll take it! Ok yes my little dilusion (spelling?) is pathetic. And no I am not in france. I am American. Technically shouldn't it be USAan?

lol someone should buy it and make a secret lair :P

20 years later: And now I, Doctor GLR shall take over the world with my army of evil ray blasting super absorbant 2-ply robots! MWA HA HA HA!!!

I pass those every year on the way to thanksgivving! There's like a bajillion billboards all through Missouri.

I do believe I've been in that exact cave before. Eh, there's plenty of 'em around to explore...both known and unknown to the public...

Oh, wait-that one is in Arkansas, so no, just one that looks realllly similar.