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I wanted to watch the video on this page, but I have dial-up (it would take forever to load, and I would have to be able to resume it because I wouldn't be able to download the whole thing in one sitting), so I got the link for the file in the HTML and downloaded it separately so I could resume it. I reinserted the local file link to the downloaded file into the HTML of the original page to see if I could get it to play in the "blip" video player.

Well, it didn't quite work. And the results that I got almost made me shart my self (s**t and fart at the same time). A low-res 8 second video that displayed the words "are you afraid of the dark" while a camera went through tall grass (typical horror movie setting), with the sound of a heart beat in the background. Yes, it scared the hell out of me, although, after watching the movie in a very small screen so nothing in it would actually make me shart myself this time, I couldn't discern any objects or otherwise likely scary things.

Yes, holy shat. What the blam just happened? Mind you this was a week ago.



11 years ago

Hmm. I couldn't figure out how to get an html/download link for the file, but... A fair number of the video sites have taken to putting ads before any particular video; you may have gotten a link that downloaded only the ad and not the actual video you were looking for.

your computer is possesed

Seriously, it scared the shat out of me. My mom got mad too because I was like WTF? And she thought it was a virus or something. Lol.

Just be glad that you are still alive.....