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WTF is going on here?? Answered

(Gave up yesterday, so the news are a few hours old...)
For a few hours now I really struggle to leave a reply, create a new topic or simply navigate the site.
The robot invites me to a game, which might be fun at other times but not when you think you might want to leave a reply to a topic.

I understand that updates and changes need servers to be offline for a while and also that some tasks might cause a bad response at those times.
What I don't understand however is why noone bothers to consider to make an announcement about works to affect the site for more than let's say 30 minutes.
Even if it is night time or some other time where everyone in the states is asleep: Instructables is well used and visited from other timezones around the globe....

If I update the forum sections, or recent answers (or any part of Instructables for that matter) I should see a popup that notifies about server works or other disruptions so I won't bother trying to post something in that time which in many cases will mean I loose what I just typed.
Or better still: Send an Email to all members and inform them about planned or sheduled works.
Can't be too hard to do can it?
As said, the robot is nice but will only show once it is too late ;)


Right now it seems to work again, let's see for how long....

Perhaps a denial of service attack? Evil hackers trying to bring down the makers?

Even if that would be true, the least we could expect is some sort of notice, I mean anything really...
It is sad to see that a website this huge does not bother to inform the users about ongoing stuff that will disrupt the website in it's usability :(

I'm having the same problem, and it's driving me nuts. Pretty much anything I click leads me to the robot, and I can't get anything done!

same problem here