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WTF parts Answered

What should we call these parts. I always have trouble coming up with legitimate names. In your comments, please look at the numbering in the screen notes. EX.) 1loose gear, 2 small tireless wheel, 3 funnel, 4 cap gear, etc.



8 years ago

All are useful except the yellow connector with the nub ( maybe with the BR-18 but generally, no) and the funnel.

1- small gear 2- wheel-less tire 3- small funnel 4- end gear 5- purple/grey connector 6- blue connector 7- tab connector 8- tube splicer

1: Blue gear 5: Purple 3D connector (aka purple connector) 6: Blue 3D connector (aka blue connector) 7: Orange tab connector (aka orange connector or multitab) 8: Orange tab (aka single tab) I have no idea what the other stuff is.


9 years ago

LEGOS are easier.


10 years ago

You could name them after yourself.

i don't know i haven't ever seen 2 or 3


10 years ago

1 is a gold gear w/ stud spot, 2 is model wheel, 3 cone, 4 head gear, 5 purple/silver conector, 6 blue conector (duh),7 orange tap 180 connector, and 8 orange tab

1=Small Gear
4=I think it is called a Head Gear(?)
5=purple conn.
6=blue conn.
7=gold rail conn.
8=gold clip

1loose gear, 2 small tireless wheel, 3 cone ( thanks GorillazMiko), 4 cap gear, 5 half 3d connector ( Half thanks to dsman), 6 full 3d connector ( Half thanks to dsman), 7 gold connector (thanks mepain), 8 tabbed connector (thanks dsman) That is a combo of mine and everyone who participated. Can we agree on these names?


10 years ago

Plastic toy pieces!


10 years ago

what the hell is 3 ive never seen it before, call it a cone connector. It looks like a piece of lego.

Wow, this caught on pretty fast. Anybody who wants can join this group. Sorry about the gun i'm making, the instructions are very long.

5= pruple 3d connector
6= blue 3d connector
7= yellow tabed connector
8=tabed connctor
1= small gear
2= really smll wheel

you cant say that bcause there is the gold yellow connector from the mine sheet.

well ok then. it might confuse noobs though.

Not really. the ones you spoke of are metallic gold connectors.

ok. matallic. i dont really care as long as i know what it is.

umm.. lol. i think its german for water park. im not sure tho xD. its just a random word my friend and i yell at each other lol

Wow never seen the cap gear before

1: Brown gear 2: Steering wheel 3: Cone 4: I seriously don't know what that is 5: Purple connector (or gray) 6: Half snowflake 7: Kind of a yellow connector 8: New brown connector thingy!!! :-o