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WW2 Springfield: Review Answered

Here is the review for the WW2 Springfield by Knexstealth.

What to expect:
Innovation: 7/10 There are not too many new things but it's a great gun.
Strength: 9 /10 The gun is strong over all the connection where the stock meets the barrel is a bit iffy.
Range: 9/10 I got a range of 135 feet
Looks: 10/10 This is by far the most realistic model on the website.
Parts: 710 It uses a lot of yellow connectors and orange connectors. More then most have.
Handle: 9/10 It's small but very realistic.
Stock: 9/10 Nice and sturdy. Almost an exact replica.
Barrel: 8/10 It's just a normal sling shot barrel but it works.
Trigger: 9/10 I have never seen it before but I guess it came from katarukito.

At the end: I would give the gun 9/10.
Here is the link to the gun. https://www.instructables.com/id/WW2-Springfield/
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This is the first perfectly honest review I have read. Good work, others could learn much from this.

Thank you for the review. I agree with you on the flaws. Thank you for being honest.

I really should learn how to take constructive criticism better.

And you should learn when to shut up.

LMFAO! You sir, need a badge. Killer~SafeCracker, nice review, I agree (Again, aggree?) with you on most of the things. You should do some more reviews.

Why thank you! I guess. Now, if there was anyone that could actually give badges in the knex community......

Who asked you to do that comment?

And sense when do I have no sense Of humor? I am lol'in right now at that comment.

I have a different sense of humor than you.

I probably will not, so I can pwn the crap out of you guys.

actually, the overall should be 8/10 not 9. if you add all the numbers up, you get 72. then since there are 9(not ten, count 'em) categories, it is 72/90. divide 72 by 9 and you get 8. i dont care that much, it is a really good gun. just pointing it out.

i know right. it is a really good gun.

Should I add this to my review thread?

You should also know that I was the reason Katarukito posted his mech. anyways, Nice review.