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WWII era field phone: Answered

I'm looking for alternative uses for it. Right now I just imagine calling in an air strike when whataburger takes 20 minutes on a solitary chocolate milkshake. I've heard of people fishing with them but I'm a sporting man and that method doesn't seem very sporting. Unless of course we are in a WROL situation and I need to feed dozens quickly. Short of those two weak ideas, I'm stumped.


The crank in the phone is a dynamo that sends an electrical charge down the line to ring another phone. You might be able to adapt it to charge battery operated devices like a hand crank flashlight, radios, sell phones, etc. If you have 2 of them you could of course use them for their intended purpose. They would make a nifty intercom from the house to the garage, basement, attic, barn, etc.

Shocking fish is strictly illegal and you will incur a stiff fine if you're caught. Of course in a WROL situation, who cares?

As a more sinister purpose, they have been used as an interrogation device in less than pleasant places. (Not recommended or condoned)

Field Phone or Field Radio? I think the field phone has a crank on the side that sends a voltage down a wire to another phone. That provides the ring voltage, the other phone uses to know you are there. A field radio should have crystals that plug in for transmitting and receiving. You might be able to find old an old crystal CB set to get different frequencies. I am not sure what 11010010110 means by being 'able to catch transmissions outside the normal range'. NMF p.s. What does WROL stand for?

It's a field phone. WROL- Without Rule of Law - example... the Katrina disaster. A friend of mine uses the field phone that he has to shock catfish in a pond near his home. He then pulls his little fiberglass boat around a grabs them before they wake up. If they do, that is. Like I said, that doesn't seem very sporting does it? Quick though, huh? Thanks for the reply.

connect tiny capacitors or medium coils in parallel with the exiting one in the tuner you may be able to catch transmissions outside the normal range of the device

I'll look into that. Thanks for the help! Much appreciated.