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Wah pedal as speed controller for Dremel? Answered

I was working with my Dremel the other night and I noticed my not-working Crybaby out of the corner of my eye and started thinking that it would be a perfect speed controller for my dremel. I think I'm gonna tear it apart and see what it looks like inside and see maybe where to go from there. Probably would like it to have a footswitch somehow that will turn it off or when it is pushed all the way in it will turn off. Just an idea. If anybody has some suggestions or maybe could build it and make an instructable that would be awesome.


Guy at work also said to check out foot pedals for tattoo guns but thinks that they are only on/off.

Maybe a wah-style voluime pedal might work too. Just like the idea of reusing my was since its broken n I have no real other uses for it and it looks like its built to where a truck could run it over and not even scratch it. Will probably get a sewing machine foot pedal and just dink around trying to do somethin with the crybaby.

Sewing-machine pedals are designed to work like this (with different motors)


seconded....i'd think a sewing machine pedal would be more suited to the needs than a wah

I will defenitely have to check that out. Thanks so much for the help. I never would have even thought of that since I have never sewn anything in my life. From what it looked like when I pulled it apart last night about the only thing I would be able to reuse would be basically the outside shell since I think the wah modifies the audio signal and does nothing with the voltage.

If it "varies the voltage" rather then be only audio level compatable (that is, not able to take the voltage you'd be putting into it), then it should work to some degree....I am not absolutely sure how they are constructed however.