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Walkie talkie mic and headphone 3.5 mm sockets Answered

Iam wondering if I could get two walkie talkies (2 way radios but I prefer calling it walkie talkie) and add two 3.5mm jacks one for ear phones and one for a mic.  Using a splitter 3.5mm for the sockets, a 3.5mm mic and a 1m extension  for the mic so I can put the walkie talkie in a pocket. Can someone tell me if this will work please and any suggestions for improvements to my plan 



5 years ago

You should be able to add the jacks to allow the use of external mic and speaker.

In a walkie that has that capability built in, the jacks are usually of the type containing an internal switch that disconnects the internal mic or speaker when a plug is inserted.

The enclosure of your handheld is probably not going to be large enough to accomodate a couple jacks, so you will most likely have to bring the connectors outside of the enclosure with wires.