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Cable Wall Fishing Device - HELP!!! Answered

Hey guys - I'm stuck on a project that I know your inventive minds will help me come up with a solution. I'm a long time lurker and first time poster :). I'm looking to make my own 'magnepull'. This device, which you can view at www.magnepull.com, is a magnetic system that assists with wall fishes. It helps you pull cable through the wall (which I do on a daily basis as a cable tech). I can't simply afford to spend $100+ for the magnepull device. All of your ideas and help are appriciated in advance! Thanks! Joe


This can be simply made for a couple of dollars.

Buy a really strong magnet, such as here:
if you get from here get a disk magnet

glue that magnet to the back of a piece of felt

glue a block of wood or anything (it's just so you can get a grip.

Tape a steel object to the wire you are going to pull (or another megnet for extra stength)

and then just do it! I realze you'll have to drag instead of roll, but this is much cheaper

or if you want to roll buy a cheap paint roller at the dollar store, put a rod magnet in it, and it's good to go (I think)